Modeling Program for Kids & Teens
HAUTE Models Agency is a platform for discovering, training, and representing models. It’s the place where professional coaches teach kids how to become a model from childhood and work on being confident. With a friendly, yet expert approach, our mission is to show each kid that they are beautiful and unique.
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Photo posing
  • Posing basics: how to work with the body, hands, leg in the frame
  • Sitting poses with a chair, on the floor
  • Poses for catalogue: how to work with clothes, bags and props
  • Practice at the studio: how to work with photographer in the studio
  • Poses in pairs and groups
  • Work with posture and the full body
  • The basics of the podium step
  • Walking and advertising items such as bags and outerwear
  • Walking at a fashion show and interaction with other models on the catwalk
  • Self-empowerment and confidence for kids, the basis of model emotions
  • Analysis of basic emotions: joy, passion, anger, surprise, fright
  • Work on facial expressions
  • How to show the right emotion at the casting and shooting
  • Recording video introductions for commercial castings
Modeling Program for Kids & Teens
Turn your kid's passion into a new skillset!